Gifted & Talented

RSU 25 recognizes the unique skills and abilities of gifted and talented students. The educational needs of our gifted and talented students are met by utilizing a curriculum that provides both vertical and horizontal growth. We meaningfully challenge the advanced skills of identified students. We value student ownership of learning and engaging students in learning experiences which foster risk taking and build confident learners.

Mark Neslusan

Gifted and Talented Teacher/Coordinator
[email protected]

62 Mechanic Street
Bucksport, Maine 04416
Voice 207-469-6641
Fax 207-469-6640

Gifted and Talented Program Referral Due Dates and Screening Meeting Dates
October 18th Referrals due
November 13th Committee Meeting
February 3rd Referrals due
March 3rd Committee Meeting
April 6th Referrals due
May 13th Committee Meeting


SENG is an organization devoted to supporting the emotional needs of the gifted. It provides free lectures, low-cost professional seminars, and informative newsletters on topics such as misdiagnosis and dual diagnosis of gifted children and adults.
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MEGAT is the Maine website for the gifted and talented. It is a go-to site for educators and parents of the gifted for resources, activities, and general information. It posts events, competitions, and opportunities. Currently, you can read responses from students when they were asked "What does it mean to be gifted?"
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*Hoagies Gifted Education Page* has it all. Anyone who teaches, parents, is related to or friends with, can use this as a resource. It also has links for students to check out new toys, reading lists, contests and awards, apps and software for their computer, and their wardrobe!
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