FY 2023 (July 1, 2022 through June 30, 2023) This budget consists of pre-kindergarten through high school, special education, and adult education costs for the towns of Bucksport, Orland, Prospect, and Verona Island. This year's budget addresses cost increases related to teacher and support staff contracts, additions to technology, the assumption of transportation by RSU 25, all while striving to minimize the impact to the local taxpayer.

The proposed total budget of $16,998,643.94 represents a 4.38% increase over the prior year's budget. The primary increases in this budget are related to salary and insurance cost, as well as the increases in diesel fuel, natural gas, and electricity. While the overall budget is up 4.38%, because of an increase in general purpose aid and the increase in use of balance forward monies, the impact to our local communities over last year’s budget will be:
  • .32% for Verona Island
  • .61% for Bucksport
  • 1.39% for Orland
  • 1.78% for Prospect

The school board is pleased to present this budget to you which meets state requirements in early education, provides for special needs students, and strengthens our higher level opportunities in high school mathematics and engineering, all while maintaining per pupil costs below the state average.

Cost Centers FY23 
The below documents will provide an in-depth look into what was accomplished in FY 2022 and an explanation of the FY 2023 costs.

FY 2023 District Budget Newsletter.pdf

FY 2023 Board Adopted Budget.pdf

FY 2023 Local Impact of Board Adopted Budget.pdf