The Technology Team at RSU 25 is responsible for daily operations, administration and support of the educational mission.  Our District is a 1:1 District meaning all student K-12 have a device assigned to them and accessible for educational use.  We also maintain 26 systems and support our other RSU 25 Departments with the growing use of technology tools and digital platforms.

In addition to our primary responsibility of all RSU 25 technology components, we directly support the Town of Bucksport and Town of Orland through specified service contracts and assist other community entities when possible.  These responsibilities mean RSU 25 is unique to most school based technology teams due to it supporting a 24 hours, 7 days per week and 365 days per year digital environment.  This also requires the RSU 25 Technology Team to support divisions with critical service roles and team members must be able to maintain clearance beyond normal school level employment.

Our team is small, but capable.  Each member has one or more specialties, but also is able to assist other team members as needed with general team responsibilities.

Technology Team
Director of Technology
Human Resource Manager / Data Specialist / Title IX Coordinator
Technology Systems Analyst
Technology Specialist
Technology Specialist